On air from 4 August…

Welcome to th2XX imagee Tango Capital!

From 4 August 2016 Tango Capital will be broadcasting to Canberra from 2XXfm 98.3 on Thursday nights at 11pm AEST, and streaming live to the internet from http://www.2XXfm.org.au/listen

The program will bring to you tango views, news, interviews and music with an Australasian focus but with international happenings and personalities also.

Great excitement here as interviews are lined up, composers and orquestas  researched, books and releases listed for review, and music riffled through to find the best in traditional and modern tango.

You are invited to join in here at Tango.Capital with feedback, comments, requests and discussion posted to this blogsite.

And if you would like to support this venture and get extended interviews and features, then head on over to  Patreon   Thank you!

NOTE: 2019: The Patreon site has been DISCONTINUED. Thank you to those who supported Tango Capital through this means.

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