Lola Díaz

lola-diaz-with-ann-smithWho was  Froilán Aguilar?

Find out this Sunday, and hear Lola Diaz discussing her perspective on tango as a member of a tango partnership, all supported by music from Rosita Quiroga and some Golden Age dance numbers.

That’s Tango Capital, from 7:00pm AEST

And my thanks go to Michael Hayes, of Canberra, for helping source Caló’s Murmullos at the last minute. 🙂


  • La Musa Mistonga, meaning “The Poor Muse”, a tango cancion, recorded on 1 March 1926, with music by Antonio Polito, with lyrics by Celedonio Esteban Flores, and sung by Rosita Quiroga.
  • Caminito, from Ignacio Corcini, meaning Little Pathway, a tango composed in 1926, with music by Juan De Dios Filiberto, with lyrics by Gabino Coria Peñaloza, and sung by Ignacio Corsini.
  • Murmullos, from Miguel Caló, meaning “Murmurs”, recorded on 18 December 1950, with music by Froilán Aguilar, with lyrics by Juan Carlos Patrós, and sung by Ricardo Blanco.
  • Mocosita, meaning “Little Brat”, recorded on 8 April 1926, with music by Gerado Matos Rodriguez, with lyrics by Victor Soliño, and sung by Rosita Quiroga.
  • Prostibularia, from Nestor Vaz Quintet, recorded in 2015, meaning “Of a brothel”, with music by Nestor Vaz.
  • Nueve Puntos, from Carlos Di Sarli, meaning “9 Points”, recorded on 5 May 1943, with music by Francisco Canaro.
  • Pabellón de las Rosas, from Juan D’Arienzo, meaning “Pavilion Of The Roses” (the name of a major reception venue in Buenos Aires), recorded on 12 December 1936, composed in 1913, with music by Jose Felipetti, with lyrics by Antonio and Angela María Catania.
  • Silueta Porteña, from Francisco Canaro, meaning “Silhouette Of A Buenos Aires Woman”, recorded on 17 July 1936, composed in 1936, with music by Nicholas Luis Cuccaro & Juan Ventura Cuccaro, with lyrics by Orlando D’Aniello & Ernesto Noli, and sung by Roberto Maida.


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