Milonga Capital 2018 (I)

2018-09-27 - Milonga Capital - Dancefloor

The fifth Sunday of the month features special editions, and this month features music from Tango Capital’s party for its second birthday, with the first half of the DJ sets of Milonga Capital, played in Canberra at the National Museum of Australia on 22 September. That’s this Sunday on Tango Capital, 7:00pm to 8:00pm:

Image Credit: Geoffrey Dunn’s view of the pista de baile at Milonga Capital.

Photos can be viewed at the this Dropbox link. You can contact Geoffrey Dunn directly for high-quality and unwatermarked versions:


Tanda 1: Enrique Rodríguez (1943), with Armando Moreno singing Marinero, Por Eso Canto Yo, Qué Lento Corre El Tren, and Qué Lo Sepa El Mundo Entero.

Tanda 2: Lucio Demare (1942), with Juan Carlos Miranda singing Malena, Mañana Zarpa Un Barco, Pa’ Mí Es Igual, and Sorbos Amargos.

Tanda 3: Francisco Canaro (1938), with Roberto Maida singing Al Son Del Acordeón, Corazón De Oro, Aura Que No Ve La Vieja, and El Triunfo De Tus Ojos.

Tanda 4: Alfredo De Angelis, with Oscar Larocca singing Almagro in 1951, and Prohibido, Visión, and Volvamos A Empezar in 1953.

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