Tango For Dancing

2019-02-20 - TFD - RWB 1

Tango Capital returns to play the fourth Sunday of the month broadcasting a milongita playlist for dancers . That’s this Sunday on Tango Capital, 7:00pm to 8:00pm:


Tanda 1: Tangos from Juan D’Arienzo (1956): with Alberto Echagüe singing La Tango, De Abolengo, and Esta Vida Es Puro Grupo.

Tanda 2: Milongas from Francisco Lomuto: with Fernando Díaz singing Parque Patricios (1941), Alberto Rivera singing Yo Soy Feliz (1944), and Fernando Díaz in duet with Jorge Omar singing Azabache (1942).

Tanda 3: Tangos from Miguel Caló: with Alberto Podestá singing Dos Fracasos (1941) and Yo Soy El Tango (1941), followed by an instrumental version of Inspiración (1943).

Tanda 4: Contemporary: Querer (Cirque Du Soleil, 1994) and Siempre Me Quedará (Bebé, 2004).

Tanda 5: Tangos from Osvalso Pugliese (1946): with Alberto Morán singing Demasiado Tarde, No Me Escribas, and Príncipe.

Tanda 6: Valses from Enrique Rodríguez: with Armando Moreno singing Con Tu Mirar (1941), Uno Que ha Diso Marino (1944), and Caballero De La Luna (1945).

Tanda 7: Tangos from Francisco Canaro (1939): with Ernesto Famá singing Qué Importa, Tormenta, and Vanidad.

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