Tango For Dancing

2019-07-23 - TFD WRB 2

Tango Capital returns to play the fourth Sunday of the month broadcasting a milonguita playlist for dancers . That’s this Sunday on Tango Capital, 7:00pm to 8:00pm:


Tanda 1: Tangos from Roberto Firpo (1937): Di Di, Carlos Varela singing No Quiero Verte Llorar, and then Tierra Negra.

Tanda 2: Valses from Juan D’Arienzo: Héctor Mauré singing Flor Del Mal, Miedo, and La Serenata De Ayer (1941).

Tanda 3: Tango from Osvaldo Pugliese (1944): Roberto Chanel singing Corrientes Y Esmerelda, La Abandone Y No Sabia, and Silbar De Boyero.

Tanda 4:Milongas from Otros Aires: Amore Que Se Baila and Milonga Sentimental.

Tanda 5: Tangos from Lucio Demare (1944): Horacio Quintana singing Solamente…Ella, Torrente, and Se Va Una Tarde Más.

Tanda 6: Milongas from Carlos Di Sarli (1941): Roberto Rufino singing La Mulateada, Pena Mulata, and Zorzal.

Tanda 7: La Cumparsita from Roberto Firpo (1928).


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