Belinda Stopar, alt-DJ

2019-08-15 - Belinda Stopar DJing at Project NFT


We talk with Belinda Stopar, Australia’s first female alternative tango DJ, about what got her into DJing  and what it’s like to DJ Australia’s longest running alternative practilonga. That’s this Sunday on Tango Capital, 7:00pm to 8:00pm:

Image: Belinda Stopar behind the deck at ProjectNFT

You can listen to the full interview here:





  • Enjoy The Silence, from the collection ‘Buenos Aires Remixed’ recorded and released by Tanghetto in 2005; a nuevo tango from music composed by Martin L Gore and first recorded in 1990.
  • La Valse D’Amélie, meaning ‘The Waltz Of Amélie’; a waltz composed by Yann Tiersen. This is the orchestra version from the soundtrack of the movie Amélie.
  • Otra Luna, meaning ‘Other Moon’, from the collection ‘Narcotango’ recorded and released by Carlos Libedinsky in 2003; a nuevo tango composed by Carlos Libedinsky.
  • Army Dreamers, from the collection ‘Never For Ever’ released in 1980; a vals with music and lyrics composed and sung by Kate Bush.
  • Ariele E Calibano, from the self-titled collection ‘Sinterra’ recorded and released by Sinterra in 2008. The name is a reference to two spirits in Shakespeare’s last play, The Tempest: Ariel is – as his name suggests – of the air, elf-like and child-like, mischievious but innocent; by contrast, Caliban is of the earth, man-like and malign, conscious but lacking conscience.
  • Salento, from the collection ‘Plaisirs D’Amour’ recorded and released by René Aubry in 1998 with Christophe Guiot on violin. The name is a reference to the region that makes up the heel of the boot-shaped peninsula of Italy.
  • Milonguero Del Ayer, meaning ‘Tango Dancer Of Yesterday’; from the collection ‘Choros’ recorded and released in 2005 by Craig Einhorn.


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