Sarah Saunders & the Perth Tango Orchestra

2020-04-16 - Perth Tango Orchestra

After a break of nearly two decades, live tango music is again happening in the West. The Perth Tango Orchestra is channelling the Golden Age to West Australian audiences, and this edition explores their journey through an interview with the director, Sarah Saunders. That’s this Sunday on Tango Capital, 7:00pm to 8:00pm:

Image Credit: Sarah Saunders; the Perth Tango Orchestra.

And if you would like to support their GoFundMe campaign to manage through the COVID-19 crisis, check it out here.


  • Silueta Porteña, meaning ‘Shadow of a Buenos Aires Woman’;, from the collection ‘Tango 22’ released in 2001, recorded by Jessica Ipkendanz and Hugo Alvarez in 2001; a milonga with music composed by Nicolas Luis & Juan Ventura Cuccaro Orlando in 1936.
  • Adíos Nonino; recorded by Astor Piazzolla in 1960; a tango nuevo with music composed by Astor Piazzolla in 1959 and lyrics by Eladia Blázquez. The name is a reference to the death of Piazzolla’s father (known as “Nonino”) . Probably recorded in 1960 in Montevideo.
  • La Muerte Del Ángel, meaning ‘The Death Of The Angel’; recorded live from a performance by Tango Noir in 2020; a tango nuevo with music composed by Astor Piazzolla, first recorded in 1963. Musicians are: violinists Julia Watson and Madeleine Antoine; pianist is Sarah Saunders. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Elliot Smith at Sundown Studios; and the video released on Youtube was filmed by Lincoln MacKinnon.
  • Buscándote, meaning ‘Searching For You’; recorded by Osvaldo Fresedo on 30 December 1941; a tango with music composed by Lalo Scalise, lyrics by Lalo Scalise, and sung by Ricardo Ruíz.
  • Charrúa;, from the collection ‘Tango Para Cuerdas’ released in 2017, recorded by Julián Peralta on 31 October 2017; a concierto with music composed by Julián Peralta. The name is a reference to someone from Uruguay.
  • Cuando Jugaba, meaning ‘While Playing’;, from the collection ‘Las Huellas En El Mar’ released in 2012, recorded by Vale Tango on October 2011; a vals with music composed by Andres Linetzky.
  • La Deschissiada;, from the collection ‘En Vivo En Café Vinilo’ released in 2012, recorded live from a performance by Dúo Fain-Mantega at Café Vinilo, Buenos Aires in 2012; a concierto with music composed by Exequiel Mantega. The title is possibly a reference to the highly rhythmic music of Diego Schissi.

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