And again, I am sorry…

2015-01 - Ann2xxfm has been experiencing a series of equipment failures and technical issues, unfortunately due to a variety of causes, including service failures from external providers such as Telstra. Practical steps are being taken to resolve the issues completely, including re-negotiating a new service agreement for streaming with a new provider, complete replacement of obsolete software, replacement of supporting infrastructure such as servers.You will understand that this takes time to do properly and that there can be interim issues as new systems are integrated with existing ones.

On top of all that, last weekend the broadcast signal from Black Mountain Tower was lost for a day and a half, a problem that is complicated by the requirement for access to the Tower for resolution. A strategy for resolving issues with the broadcast signal chain to Black Mountain Tower is still being pursued.

For now, for those listeners who missed the broadcast signal, or the internet stream, the complete episode for Sunday 20 November is available for a limited time for download from

And again, I am sorry for these interruptions. They will, I believe, resolve over coming weeks, and I will be making podcasts freely available so you don’t miss out too much.

Thank you for your patience, and I look forward to catching up with you this coming Sunday 27 November in the Tango Capital.

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