Tango For Dancing

2019-03-21 - TFD BWR 1

Tango Capital returns to play the fourth Sunday of the month broadcasting a milongita playlist for dancers . That’s this Sunday on Tango Capital, 7:00pm to 8:00pm:


Tanda 1: Tangos from Pedro Laurenz (1952): an instrumental version of Quejas De Bandoneón, followed by Alfredo Del Rio singing Cuando Me Entrés A Fallar and La Gayola.

Tanda 2: Milongas from Osvaldo Fresedo: instrumental versions of La Trampera (1951), La Puñalada (1952), and De Pura Cepa (1953).

Tanda 3: Tangos from Robert Firpo and Cuarteto: La Trilla (1936), El Moro (1937), and Felicia (1937).

Tanda 4: Electronica: Paredón (Malevo,2007 ) and Tres Son Multitud (Narcotango, 2006).

Tanda 5: Tangos from Lucio Demare (1945): Igual Qué Un Bandoneón, the instrumental Florcita, and Nos Encontramos Al Pasar, with Horacio Quintana singing the first and third pieces.

Tanda 6: Valses from Ánibal Troilo (1942): Acordandome De Vos, an instrumental version of Un Placer, and Pedacito De Cielo, with Francisco Fiorentino singing the first and third pieces.

Tanda 7: Tangos from Ricardo Tanturi (1944): with Enrique Campos singing Si Se Salva El Pibe, Sombrerito, and Y…Siempre Igual.


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