Milonga Capital 2019 (I)

2019-03-26 - Pat Petronio DJs at Milonga Capital 2019

23 February saw Adelaide DJ Pat Petronio behind the deck at Milonga Capital 2019, and this week features the first hour of her exquisite playlist. That’s this Sunday on Tango Capital, 7:00pm to 8:00pm:

Image: Pat Petronio at Milonga Capital 2019


Tanda 1: Tangos from Juan D’Arienzo: Ataniche (1936), El Flete (1936), and ¡Qué Noche! (1937).

                  Cortina: Billie Holiday; Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone

Tanda 2: Tangos from Francisco Canaro (1938): Derecho Viejo, Loca, and Pura Parada.

                  Cortina: Ray Charles; Unchain My Heart

Tanda 3: Valses from Miguel Caló (1942): Alberto Podestá singing Bajo Un Cielo De Estrellas, Raúl Berón singing El Vals Soñador, and Alberto Podestá singing Pedacito De Cielo.

                  Cortina: Dave Brubeck; Take Five

Tanda 4: Tangos from Ricardo Tanturi with Alberto Castillo singing (1941): La Vida Es Corta, El Moro, and Pocas Palabras.

                  Cortina: Dusty Springfield; Son Of A Preacher Man

Tanda 5: Tangos from Carlos Di Sarli: Roberto Rufino singing Lo Pasao Pasó (1940), Patotero Sentimental (1941), and Griseta (1941), and Carlos Acuña singing Cuando El Amor Muere (1941).

                  Cortina: The Supremes; Where Did Our Love Go

Tanda 6: Milongas: an instrumental version of Milonga De Los Fortines from Orquesta Típica Victor (1937), Qué Tiempo Aquel from Francisco Lomuto with Jorge Omar singing (1938), and Sacale Punta from Edgardo Donato with Horacio Lagos and Randona singing (1938).

                  Cortina: The Audreys; Banjo And Violin


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