The Tango Decades: 1930-1934

2019-11-07 - The Tango Decades 1930-34

Bringing a different perspective to the music of tango, The Tango Decades is an 8-part series focusing on a horizontal slice of what was hot, decade by decade, as tango blossomed over 40 years. This week explores some of the factors that came together in the years 1930-1934 to set the scene for the perfect storm that tango became .…… That’s this Sunday on Tango Capital, 7:00pm to 8:00pm:

Image: In 1933 a very young (19 years old) Ánibal Troilo was one of the musicians in the Argentine film, ‘Los Tres Berretines’, only the second Argentine film using the Movietone system for improved sound quality. Tango dance and lifestyle was incorporated into Argentine cinema from 1928, with the silent film ‘Alma En Pena’ named for that tango. The first Argentine film with sound was ‘Adiós Argentina’;  made in 1930, it starred the tango singer Libertad Lamarque. ‘Tango!’ was released with the Movietone sound system in 1933; offering good quality music and properly synchronised dialogue as well as the spectacle of tango dancing, from this point onwards in Argentina the trajectories of tango and cinema were intertwined.


2019-11-10 - Playlist

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